100x Coastal Combo - standard grade

5 Varieties of trees & shrubs

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This listing is for 100x well grown NZ Natives suitable for a mixed farm or lifestyle block shelter belt.

  • 20x Corokia Marcocarpa - Chatham Island Korokia - A very tough Corokia from Chatham Islands. Larger green leaves with silvery undersides. Bear masses of yellow star shaped flowers, and orange berries that attract birds. Suitable for clipping and hedging. Withstands strong winds, and coastal conditions. Mature height 3m x Width 1.5m
  • 20x Leptospermum Scoparium - Manuka or Tea Tree - Leptospermum Scorparium - NZ Manuka or Tea Tree - A very tough yet beautiful Manuka that has an amazing fragrance and masses of white flowers. Able to withstand most conditions and very easy care. An excellent garden plant often used for screening and hedging. Mature Height 3-4m
  • 20x Corokia Buddleoides - This is an interesting Corokia with long and slender green leaves which are silvery grey underneath. It produces masses of yellow flowers followed by berries. Corokia buddleioides is the only Corokia for the semi-shade. Mature Height 2m, but clip at any height for hedge.
  • 20x Euphorbia Glauca - An interesting and different coastal plant with a wide creeping habit. Colour varies from pastel green to vivid blue-grey foliage. The species is now in serious decline due to coastal development and weed competition. Mature Height 40cm x Width 1.5m

  • 20x Coprosma lobster - A tough and interesting alpine shrub with very tangled bronze-orange growth. Bears berries attractive to birds. Can be clipped into an interesting hedge or allowed to grow freely will become a medium sized shrub.   Mature Height 2-3m

We have chosen these plants for their ability to withstand most conditions, grow quickly and provide excellent shelter. If this mix doesn't suit you we can customise for you. Happy to customise for your local area
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