100x Lifestyle Block Combo - standard grade

5 Varieties of trees & shrubs

  • 70000

100 tough hardy and attractive standard grade NZ Native trees and shrubs suitable for a shrubbery, screen hedge or shelter that will enhance most lifestyle blocks (or any other large property).

The pack is made as follows:

  • 20x Corokia Frosted Chocolate - Attractive medium sized colourful shrub with chocolate coloured leaves and silvery undersides, contrasting with dark stems. Outstand colour. Bears berries attractive to birds. Hardy, withstanding most conditions. Suitable screen, shelter, hedge or feature. Mature height 2.5m
  • 20x Lemonwood - Pittosporum Eugenoides - Excellent larger growing shrub with large yellow green leaves. Fast growing and extremely adaptable to a wide range of soil and conditions, making it perfect for quickly establishing shelter. Very attractive to birds. Mature Height up to 5m, but clip at any height.
  • 20x Coprosma Lobster - A tough and interesting alpine shrub with very tangled bronze-orange growth. Bears berries attractive to birds. Can be clipped into an interesting hedge or allowed to grow freely will become a medium sized shrub.   Mature Height 2-3m
  • 20x Ribbonwood - Plagianthus Regius - A tall growing column tree with strong upward growth. It has a light airey appearance and forms strong vertical structure. A 'must have' for establishing new native garden, extremely fast growing and particularly useful for quickly establishing shelter. Withstands strong winds, tolerates wide range of conditions. Ideal in shelter belt. Mature Height 10m
  • 20x Corokia Jaxon - Smaller growing, silver-dark green leaves, yellow star shaped flowers and red berries. Shrub 1.5m height.

See pictures of plant for sale next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.




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