XL - 30x Low Growing Natives - Premium XL

6 varieties - Instant Grade

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Listing is for 30x Premium XL grade low growing NZ Natives for an instant easy care native garden.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 5x Cordyline Cardinal - A stunning small and clump forming cabbage tree selection. Plum red leaves can be up to 1m long.Clumps to form multi stems. Outstanding colour and form, exceptional in pots or as feature plant. Mature Height 2m
  • 5x Melicytus Alpinus - Porcupine Bush - A very tough and distinctive little shrub with small sparsely scattered leaves along stout pointed branches. In spring small, delicately fragrant, yellow or pink-tinged, bell-shaped flowers appear directly from the branches. By autumn these have matured into two-tone white and navy berries which are a valuable bird food. A very hardy species tolerant of a wide range of soils and situations, and can tolerate very dry and alpine conditions. Mature Height 80cm x width 1m
  • 5x Aciphylla Diefenbachii - ery handsome NZ native, endemic to the Chatham Islands. Has fine fern like foliage bearing masses of yellow flowers late summer. Best grown in full sun to semi-shade and requires good drainage. Rarely seen in cultivation. Hardy. Evergreen.Mature height 50 cm x width 70cm.
  • 5x Coprosma Hawera -
  • 5x Coprosma Black Cloud - A very hardy ground covering shrub with colourful bronze/black foliage. Masses of blue berries making it very attractive to birds. Excellent for supressing weeds and tollerant of almost any conditions. Mature Height 50cm x Width 1m
  • 5x Coprosma Tayloraii -

Some substitutions are ok (might vary price slightly). 


Shipping for XL grade plants:

Ships up to 9 per carton - please see Shipping Info

Urban Shipping:
This item is no problem to ship to any urban address in New Zealand via courier.

Rural Shipping:

  • Large quantites of these large grade plants are no problem to send via freight directly to most farms.
  • Small orders will be sent by courier. This may be problematic for the rural postie. Therefore small orders might be left at your nearest rural drop point.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss shipping large plants to your address.



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