30x Flax & Friends Combo - Premium #1

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This listing is for 30x well grown NZ Natives in premium Lasrge - XL grades.   Most are in 14cm pots, marked if otherwise. Flax & Similar plants with sword shaped leaves, stunning when planted en mass, for brilliant visual effect. Ideal dry, cold, coastal conditions or something special around the farm.   

  • 5x Phormium Black Rage - An excellent selection of flax with a bold upright habit and purple-black foliage interspersed with dark purple green leaves giving the clump interesting texture. It keeps it's colour well as the plant matures and colour intensifies in winter. It prefers a dry exposed situation. Mature 80cm x 80cm. (14cm Pot)
  • 5x Phormium Jack Spratt - A dwarf bronze-green flax with strong form. Clumps freely to make a good strong cover with striking texture. Mass plant for best effect. Fantastic in a rock garden, or with stone mulch, most suitable dry position, withstands extreme cold, alpine, windy or coastal conditions. Mature Height 70cm x width 70cm  (14cm Pot)
  • 5x Astelia Westland - A strong architectural plant with large sword shaped leaves and clumping habit. Has very strong red-bronze colouring especially in winter. Very easy care plant withstanding most conditions including, dry, cold & wind. Great in pot, or amazing in mass plantings. Mature Height 60cm x Width 60cm.  (14cm Pot)
  • 5x NZ Iris - Libertia Peregrinans - An interesting plant with narrow flax-like upright leaves, interesting golden orange colour. It forms clumps up to 50cm tall, and in spring bears white flowers and golden seed pods. Amazing as a mass planting, withstands dry conditions. Mature Height 50cm x Width 80cm (1 litre pot)
  • 5x Cordyline Cardinal - A stunning small and clump forming cabbage tree selection. Rich plum red long strap likve leaves.    Clumps to form multi stems.   Mature Height 1m x Width 1.5m (These are very big reasonable quality seconds - 9cm pot). 
  • 5x Cordyline Purple Tower - Super Premium Cabbage Tree - Stunning Cabbage Tree with striking dark purple form. This is a premium cutting grown cultivar perfect for that special feature in your garden. Will retain it's strong colour as it matures. Suits any well drained position. Mature Height 2-2.5m  (9cm Pots)


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