Golden Ake Ake x 10

Large size - 60cm tall

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Olearia Paniculata - Golden Ake Ake is a simple uncomplicated shrub, that is tough and hardy and makes a wonderful hedge.  Being part of the Olearia family these shrubs are strong and tough, and especially suited for a range of tough conditions such as coastal plantings, alpine situations and anywhere that experiences drought.  

Golden Ake Ake has large lime green leaves, with a slightly crinkle cut edge. The stems are light brown and contrast beautifully with the leaves.  The foliage is good and thick and the shrub will remain compact and nice with an occasional trim.    

Because it is so versatile and tough, Golden Ake Ake is a very popular choice for hedging.  It is well suited to a traditional looking hedge, and it has become a native classic for formal hedging particularly around older villas, and traditional gardens.  There is no reason why it would not be equally at home in a modern landscape and is highly recommended where ever a formal hedge is required.  It is suitable for a small to large hedge.   

 Golden Ake Ake thrives in dry conditions and will withstand almost any amount of drought.  It is also fine in wetter climates, provided it has good drainage.  This shrub will perform well in coastal environments and can be grown inland or in alpine situations.

 Golden Ake Ake can be left untrimmed to form a larger shrub up to 5 metres, making it a great addition to the drought hardy shelter belt or screen.

 Hedge  80cm - 3m

  • Untrimmed for shelter or screen 3-5m 
  • Full sun
  • Grows in wet or dry climates.
  • Needs good drainage
  • Tolerates wind and coastal exposure
  • Very hardy
  • Evergreen

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