500x GRASS & TUSSOCK COMBO - $2.39 each

standard size

  • 1,19500

Listing is for 500x Mixed NZ Grasses & Tussocks in 5cm Pots.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 125x Frosted Curls - Carex Comans Green - Carex Comans Frosted Curls - An unusual and popular grass with very pale green leaves and curling blonde leaf tips. Forms a drooping low growing mound. Good contrast - texture plant. Hardy. Mature Height 30cm x Width 70cm.
  • 125x Red Carex - Carex Flagellifera Red - A very popular medium grass with rich bronze/ blood red colour.  Upright form. Good contrast - texture plant. Hardy in very cold climates and drought conditions.   Mature height 60cm x Width 60cm
  • 125x Carex Dipsacea - Very resiliant green tussock grass with wide narrow dark green leaves.   Very reisliant thriving in coastal to subalpine situations, from wet to dry.   Mature Height 70cm.
  • 125x Carex Comans Red - A popular grass with rich bronze/red colour and curling leaf tips. Weeping/Mounding form. Good contrast - texture plant. Hardy. Mature height 30cm x Width 60cm

These are our standard size in 5cm square pots.

See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.





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