150x Bird Habitat Natives - large grade

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Listing is for 150x Large Grade NZ Native trees and shrubs in 9cm pots/supertubes suitable for attracting, feeding and sheltering native birds also great to revitalise and enhance riparian strips, or plant as a tough and colour mixed native shelter belt.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 25x Corokia Yellow Wonder Corokia Yellow Wonder is a medium sized native shrub with interesting colour and form.  It is very tough and hardy, making it particularly suitable for conditions ranging from coast to alpine.  Mature Height 2.5m x Width 2.5m.
  • 50x Broadleaf - Griselinia Littoralis - Large growing and extremely hardy dense shelter. Lush dark green foliage and large leaves make this a very desirable shelter or hedge native. Will tolerate extreme conditions. Low Maintenance. Mature Height 3-5m (But clip at any height).
  • 25x Miki Miki - Coprosma linariifolia - A small vigourous bushy shrub with interesting elongated leaves, with a bronze hue.   It produces berries throughout summer making it very attractive to native birds.   Tolerant of alpine and cold conditions.   Mature height 3m. 
  • 25x Corokia Galaxy Premium Corokia variety with open sparse branches .and small silvery leaves.   The dark branches constrasting with silvery leaves and open growth habit makes this a very interesting plant.  Very tough so excellent in coastal, dry or frosty areas. Hard conditions will enhance colour. Produces masses of yellow starry flowers in summer.    Mature Height 1.5m x Width 1m.
  • 25x Three Finger - Pseudopanax Colensoi - An attractive, different and rare shrub with decorative shiny, leathery,three fingered leaves with multiple stems. It produces summer flowers are followed by attractive clusters of berries. Excellent for birds.   Coastal hardy. Evergreen.  Screen or hedge.   Mature height 3m x width 2m.


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