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Listing is for 500x Mixed NZ Grasses & Tussocks in 5 - 7cm Pots.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 100x Carex Comans Frosted Curls - An unusual and popular grass with very pale green leaves and curling blonde leaf tips. Forms a drooping low growing mound. Good contrast - texture plant. Hardy. Mature Height 30cm x Width 70cm.
  • 100x Carex Red Rooster - Carex Buchananii - Red Rooster - A larger growing tussocky grass with strong red/bronze colouring. Especially suitable for dry, windswept, challenging climates, but will grow almost anywhere. Mature Height 80cm x Width 60cm
  • 150x Carex Dissita - Very attractive grass with wide ribbed bright green leaves. Arching habit and beautifully contrasting dark seed heads makes this a popular ornamental grass.   Mature Height 60cm.
  • 50x Red Carex - Carex Flagellifera Red -  A very popular medium grass with rich bronze/ blood red colour.  Upright form. Good contrast - texture plant. Hardy in very cold climates and drought conditions.   Mature height 60cm x Width 60cm
  • 100x NZ Rush - Juncus edgariae - A common rush throughout New Zealand which thrive in damp or swampy situations. It is found in lowland to montane damp pasture,wet hollows, river and lake margins. It forms tight clumps with bright green stems and is the commonest native rush. It is useful for wet areas and revegetation of wetlands, around ponds and waterways. Mature height 1m x width 60cm.


See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.




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