20x Monster Tree & Shrub Combo

Monster 2nds

  • 19900
  • Save $20100

This is a pack of monster sized tree & shrubs, all good healthy big plants, but 2nds because they are misshapen, pot bound or less bushy than normal or the misfits left over at end of batch.   Everything in pack is over 1 metre tall, some even more.   These have all been in the nursery too long, so they will absolutely bolt away once planted. 

  • Corokia Geentys Green x2 - 2nds left at end of batch
  • South Island Kohwai x3 - tall but mishapen
  • Hoheria Populnea x3 - tall seconds
  • Podocarpus totara x3 - crooked and mishaped tall seconds
  • Three Finger - Pseudopanax colensoi x2 - big but mishaped
  • Corokia Buddleioides x3 - big but mishaped
  • Plus  four other trees & Shrubs  - large misfits from end of batch.

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See pictures of example plants for sale and the patch of plants to get an idea of actual size.





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