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100x clearance NZ Native shrubs in large grade 9cm pots or supertubes.   These are nice big chunky plants, they are less common and desirable varieties that will make a stunning colourful native garden, hedge, shrubbery or screen.   

This pack is made up as follows:

  • 10x Corokia Renegade - Premium Corokia variety with very fine branches and fine small foliage. Very interesting dark colouring ranging from silver to dark purple. The dense fine foliage and compact form makes it excellent as hedge or shaped shrubbery. Very tough so excellent in coastal, dry or frosty areas. Hard conditions will enhance colour. Yellow starry flowers in summer and abundant red berries in autumn. Compact and slender. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 50cm.
  • 15x Chatham Island Ake Ake - Olearia Traversii - Chatham Island Ake Ake is a very tough and hardy shrubby tree.  It is especially suited for a range of tough conditions such as coastal plantings, alpine situations and anywhere that experiences drought and strong wind.    Mature height 5m x width 3m (Reasonable quality seconds)
  • 15x - Cordyline Purple Tower - Super Premium Cabbage Tree - Stunning Cabbage Tree with striking dark purple form. This is a premium cutting grown cultivar perfect for that special feature in your garden. Will retain it's strong colour as it matures. Suits any well drained position. Mature Height 2-2.5m (Reasonable quality big seconds)
  • 15x Twiggy Tree Daisy - Olearia lineata dartonii - is an interesting and unusual shrub that is perfectly suited for planting in any challenging climate.  Olearias, or 'Tree Daisies' as they are known, are generally suited to windy, coastal, drought prone and alpine locations.  This ability to withstand a truly adverse range of conditions make them a wonderful group of trees and shrubs to plant in tough condiitons.   Mature height 3m x width 2m (Reasonable quality healthy seconds)
  • 15x Broadleaf - Grisilinea littoralis - Large growing and extremely hardy dense shelter. Lush dark green foliage and large leaves make this a very desirable shelter or hedge native. Will tolerate extreme conditions. Low Maintenance. Mature Height 3-5m (But clip at any height).
  • 15x Kowhai - Sophora Microphylla - a popular small growing tree with a somewhat tangled growth in its juvenille stage, before growing into a stunning feature tree. It is famous for its coverings of bright yellow flowers in summer that are attractive to birds. Mature Height 5-7m.
  • 15x Pigeonwood - Kaikomako - Pennatia Corymbosa - A dense tangled shrub with interesting zig-zagging branches. Matures into a small, slender elegant tree. Tree bears white fragrant flowers. Produces masses of black fruit which is very attractive to native birds, especially bellbirds. Wood was traditionally used by Maori as firewood. Evergreen. Hardy. Mature Height 5m x width 3m.

These are our large size in 9cm square pots/supertubes.

See pictures of example plants for sale next to the ruler to get an idea of actual size.



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