Hebe Combo x 50

Standard size - 7cm pot

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A selection of 50x NZ Hebes in large size 7cm Pots.   Hebes are beautiful low growing flowering shrubs perfect for a stunning mass planting in most conditions.   Hebes are excellent in tough conditions such as alpine, coastal, windy and dry.   Cold winters bring out the colour in the foliage.

The pack is made up of a mixture as follows:

  • 10x Hebe Topiara - Compact ball shaped shrub that remains very tidy without pruning. Very bushy with small glaucous leaves and white flowers in early summer. Great hedging.  Height 80cm x width 80cm
  • 10x Hebe Wiri Grace - a showy, larger, very fast growing hebe.  It has glossy large dark green leaves and large racemes of flowers.   Flowers are a light mauve colour fading to pale blue. Flowering occurs from January through to Autumn and is a magnificent sight.   Mature Height 1.5m x Width 1m
  • 10x Hebe Talisman  - A lovely compact Hebe with light green rounded leaves and masses of pink flowers throughout spring-summer.   Stays compact forming a small rounded shrub.   Mature Height 50cm x Width 80cm.
  • 10x Hebe Flame  - A very desirable hebe with glossy green foliage that turn's purple-green in winter.   Lilac-pink flower's begin to emerge in autumn and through to spring.     Prefer's full sun and moist but free-draining soil.  Very hardy evergreen shrub.   Mature size 80cm x 80cm
  • 10x Hebe Odora - Rounded alpine shrub with dark glossy green leaves similar to box hedge. White flowers from spring to autumn. Suitable low hedge. Prefers good drainage but will tolerate damp conditions in cool climates. Mature Height 80cm x Width 80cm

These are all in our standard size 7cm pot.



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recommended for Queenstown, Central Otago, Cromwell, Wanaka, Roxburgh, Clyde, Tekapo, Mid Canterbury, Ashburton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Timaru




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