Cordyline Australis - large size

Cordyline australis

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Cordyline Australis - NZ Cabbage Tree - A 'must have' NZ Tree with very distincitive strap like leaves, upright in the centre and drooping on the outside, formed into unusual heads on crooked branches.  Very hardy native tree suitable for most conditions.  Tolerant of wind, full sun and drought, wet/swampy conditions, frost once established.  Excellent shelter in windswept, coastal or alpine areas (mix with flaxes).  Mature Height 3-5m


These are our large size in 9cm bio pots.  Bio pots are compostable, just plant the pot with the plant.  Note, they do require immediate planting.


See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.


Ships up to 25 per carton - please see Shipping Info

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