Cordyline Black Knight x 10

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Stunning Cabbage Tree with striking Dark purple-red form. This is a premium cutting grown cultivar perfect for that special feature in your garden. Suits any well drained position.   Mature Height 2-2.5m

These are huge plants for the smaller pot size , completely outgrowing their pots and really massive.   This is not as problem for natives and they will come away great once planted and will make an impressive statement instantly. 



These are our large size in 9cm square pots/supertubes.

BIG! We grow very big plants for the pot size.  This is fine as natives don't mind this and will bolt away fast once planted. Ensure plenty of water when planted.  A great opportunity to grab super big, healthy chunky plants at a tiny price and very reasonable shipping. 

See pictures of example plants for sale next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.


* Shipping charge applies (carton holds 25 plants like this) - see shipping info here

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