50x Low Native Combo - standard grade

5 Varieties of trees & shrubs

  • 30000
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This listing is for 50x low growing, compact NZ Natives suitable for your stunning, low maintenance native garden.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 10x Coprosma Roys Red - Richly coloured evergreen shrub with rich bronze-red foliage that provides all year round colour. Strong hardy grower withstanding a wide range of conditions including heat, drought and coastal situations. Trim and shape as required, makes excellent coloured box or small hedge or border. Mature Height 80cm x width 80cm
  • 10x - Corokia Blackberry & Lime - Hardy shrub with fine branches and small lime/dark brown leaves . Slender and compact. Hardy. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 1m
  • 10x Coprosma Kirkii - A hardy strong growing sprawling ground cover shrub that is very tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including drought and cold. Being a strong grower it is useful to cover a large area. Berries very attractive to birds. Mature Height 50cm x Width 1m
  • 10x Euphorbia Glauca - An interesting and different coastal plant with a wide creeping habit. Colour varies from pastel green to vivid blue-grey foliage. The species is now in serious decline due to coastal development and weed competition. Mature Height 40cm x Width 1.5m
  • 10x Brachyglottis Sunshine - A bushy, spreading, evergreen shrub. The interesting leaves are light green above, white below, give the bush a distinctive white colour. Produces Masses of yellow daisy flowers in summer. Suitable for clipping or hedging. Very hardy tolerating extreme cold, dry, alpine and coastal conditions. Mature Height 80cm x Width 1.2m.

The photo next to the ruler shows an example of the plant for sale (cm's) to give an idea of the size.

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