Chatham Island Corokia x 10 - large grade

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Corokia Macrocarpa - Chatham Island Corokia - A very tough Corokia from Chatham Islands. Larger green leaves with silvery undersides. Bear masses of yellow star shaped flowers, and orange berries that attract birds. Suitable for clipping and hedging. Withstands strong winds, and coastal conditions. Mature height 3m x Width 1.5m (but clip at any size for hedge).

These are clearance seconds left over at end of batch, they are strong sturdy plants, just mishapen and not as bushy as we would prefer.  They will come away great once planted.

great alternative to Corokia Geentys Green that can be hard to source


See pictures of example plants for sale and the patch of plants to get an idea of actual size.





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