100x Coastal Combo - standard grade

5 Varieties of trees & shrubs

  • 55000
  • Save $18000

This listing is for 100x well grown NZ Natives suitable for a mixed farm or lifestyle block shelter belt.

  • 20x Pittosporum Tenuifolium - Fast growing and extremely adaptable shrub that is both ornamental and suitable for shelter hedging or feature. Mature height 3-5m 
  • 20x Olearia Dartonii - Interesting Plume like branches with fine needle like leaves. Trims well for fast hedge or shelter. Fragrant white flowers. Tolerant of drought, cold and exposure. Mature height 2m
  • 20x Chatham Island Ake Ake - Olearia Traversii - Tolerant of very dry conditions, and interesting colour make this an essential for dry or coastal gardens. Mature Height 4m.
  • 20x Fragrant Ribbonwood - forms a spreading deciduous bushy shrub that grows very fast and is tough enough to grow virtually any where in New Zealand. Mature height 3m x width 3m 
  • 20x Dodonea viscosa green - Green Ake Ake - Remarkable for its vivid bright green colouring and ability to handle tough conditions.   Fast growing tree that will withstand wind, dry or coastal conditions.   Mature height 5-8m.

We have chosen these plants for their ability to withstand most conditions, grow quickly and provide excellent shelter. If this mix doesn't suit you we can customise for you. Happy to customise for your local area
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