Farm Combo x 150 - Standard

5 varieties trees & shrubs

  • 82500
  • Save $27000

Listing is for 150x Mixed Native Shrubs & Trees in Medium Grade 7cm pots, suitable for a strong, tough, fast growing mixed native shelter belt or beautiful native planting. Enough for a shelter belt 450 m long planted at approx 3m spacings.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 50x Kohuhu - Pittosporum Tenuifolium - Fast growing and extremely adaptable shrub that is both ornamental and suitable for shelter hedging or feature. Mature height 3-5m 
  • 25x Fragrant Ribbonwood - Plagianthus Divaricatus - forms a spreading deciduous bushy shrub that grows very fast and is tough enough to grow virtually any where in New Zealand. Mature height 3m x width 3m 
  • 25x Corokia Bronze Knight - Hardy shrub with dark green/bronze foliage, deepening in winter. Excellent as hedge or single plant in coastal, dry or frosty areas. Yellow starry flowers in summer and abundant red berries in autumn. Slender and compact. Hardy. Mature Height 2m x Width 2m
  • 25x Ake Ake - Dodonea viscosa green - An interesting feature tree, with it's papery bark, gnarled growth and light green foliage. Left alone it will quickly grow into a medium sized tree. In the smaller garden it can be trimmed to be kept small, and requires very little maintenance to keep looking good. Ake Ake also responds well to harder clipping, making it a beautiful, low maintenance hedge or sculpted bush. Mature height 5-8m
  • 25x Karamu - Corosma Robusta - Fast growing & tough shrub with dark green large foliage. Produces masses of orange berries for the birds. Mature Height 3m x width 2m


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