30x NZ Urban Sanctuary Combo - large grade

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Listing is for 30x Large Grade NZ Native shrubs in 9cm pots suitable in most situations.   These are premium native shrubs that have been selected for their desirable colour, look and compact forms.   They are smaller garden variety shrubs that will add colour, texture and interest especially for the urban garden.   

Due to the compact and smaller growth they are also low maintenance and will look good with minimal care.

The pack is made as follows:

  •  5x Lophomyrtus Matai Bay - Fine foliage shrub with large round lime green leaves. Easy to establish & maintain. Good for hedges or planting individually. Mature height 2m x width 1.5m
  • 5x Corokia Renegade - Premium Corokia variety with very fine branches and fine small foliage. Very interesting dark colouring ranging from silver to dark purple. Very tough so excellent in coastal, dry or frosty areas. Hard conditions will enhance colour. Yellow starry flowers in summer and abundant red berries in autumn. Compact and slender. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 50cm.
  • 5x Lophomyrtus Red Dragon - A beautiful medium native shrub with dense growth, small leaves and distinct burgundy foliage that intensifies to almost black during winter. Excellent for hedges, screen or shrubbery. Mature height 2m x width 1.5m
  • 5x Mingi Mingi - Coprosma Crassifolia - An interesting twisted coprosma with stiff bushy twiggy growth, small leaves, interlacing branches, and reddish brown colouring. Produces berries making it very attactive to native birds.   Very tough and suitable for harsh conditions including alpine, coastal, windy and dry.   Mature Height 2m.
  • 10x Corokia Jaxon - Smaller growing, silver-dark green leaves, yellow star shaped flowers and red berries. Shrub 1.5m height.


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