Corokia Combo x 50

5 varieties - standard grade

  • 30000

Corokia are a wonderful and varied group of shrubs, with interesting colour and distinctive form. They are also very useful in landscaping as they are very tough withstanding dry, cold and windy conditions. The family of Corokia have the same distinctive look with all varieties having variations on silvery colouring, and a wirey look. The silvery undersides of the leaves give the bush an overall silvery hue, however there is still huge variation in the overall colour of the leaves.

Corokia produce masses of bright yellow star shaped flowers throughout spring and summer. They also produce masses of berries that are brightly coloured and very ornamental. Native birds love feeding on these berries, which will contribute to attracting and retaining native birds in your garden.

This pack contains a mix of some favourite Corokia. You could plant an interesting hedge with 'blocks' of each variety. Each block would look slightly different adding interest to your hedge, yet similar enough so it would not look unusual. Otherwise you could use this pack to plant a more mixed informal planting with the different varieties mingling together in an informal shrubbery, shelter or screen.

10x Corokia Yellow Wonder - Yellow Wonder has silvery green leaves contrasting with dark stems. Producing masses of yellow flowers and yellow berries. Medium shrub 2-3m height.
10x Corokia Frosted Chocolate - Dark chocolate brown leaves with silvery highlights, yellow flowers and dark red berries. Medium shrub 2-3m height.
10x Corokia Renegade - Small fine dark silver-purple leaves. Yellow star shaped flowers. Compact and smaller growing, Mature height 1.5m.
10x Corokia Bronze Knight - Bronze coloured foliage, yellow star shaped flowers and red berries. Mature height 2-3 metres.
10x Corokia Red Wonder - Strong growing, silver-dark green leaves, yellow star shaped flowers and red berries. Medium shrub 2-3m height.

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