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This listing is for 150x low growing, compact NZ Natives suitable for your stunning, low maintenance native garden, because weekends are too short to spend pruning shrubs ;).

The pack is made as follows:

  • 30x Snow Totara - Podocarpus nivalis - A tough and hardy spreading low growing alpine shrub with distinctive Totara needle like leaves. Prefers sunny rock garden conditions where it can sprawl. Ideal for dry and alpine conditions, amazing mass planted. Mature Height 1m x Width 1.5m.
  • 15x Dwarf Toi Toi - Chionochloa Flavicans -  Very popular, easy care plant, with lush green foliage and stunning arching cream toi toi flowers stems. Very hardy and happy in most situations although prefers a drier spot in full sun or semi shade. h60cm x w80cm ~ flowers 1m
  • 15x Leptinella Platts Black - A hardy vigourous ground cover with beautiful dark coloured fern like foliage and low creeping habit. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including dry, windy, shady postions. Interesting no-mow lawn alternative. Mature Height 5cm x Width 1m
  • 30x Small Bush Daisy - Olearia nummularifolia Olearia Nummularifolia - A very different tree daisy that dense twiggy growth and small spoon shaped yellowish green leaves, with buff undersides. It is a tough subalpine shrub, happy in dry open situations, perfect for an interesting low maintenance tough hedge. Mature h 1.5 m x w 1m
  • 30x Coprosma Hawera - Popular hardy ground cover shrub with compact trailing branches that form a dense shrubby ground cover.   It has masses of berries in Autumn that are very good for native bird life.    Mature Height 50cm x Width 1.5m.
  • 30x Coprosma Acerosa - Sand Coprosma - A groundcover Coprosma found naturally near the coast throughout New Zealand. It forms a tight tangled mound of brown foliage. An excellent hardy plant for dry, coastal or alpine conditions. Mature Height 30cm x Width 1.2m

This pack is made up of standard size plants in 7cm square pots.   See pictures of example plants for sale next to the ruler to get an idea of actual size.






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