100x Low Growing Combo - Large Grade

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Listing is for 100x  low growing, compact NZ Natives in 9cm pots suitable for your stunning, low maintenance native garden.

This pack is made up as follows:

  • 20x Corokia Renegade - remium Corokia variety with very fine branches and fine small foliage. Very interesting dark colouring ranging from silver to dark purple. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 50cm.
  • 20x Olearia Haastii - an upright, bushy, evergreen smallish shrub with dark green, shiny, leathery leaves. Flower heads of white daisy flowers, summer. Olearia × haastii is rare natural hybrid that occurs in alpine South Island. It is regarded as one of the hardiest Olearias. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 1m
  • 20x Olearia Nummularfolia - A very different tree daisy that dense twiggy growth and small spoon shaped yellowish green leaves, with buff undersides. It is a tough subalpine shrub, happy in dry open situations, perfect for an interesting low maintenance tough hedge. Mature h 1.5 m x w 1m
  • 20x Coprosma Kirkii - A hardy strong growing sprawling ground cover shrub that is very tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including drought and cold. Being a strong grower it is useful to cover a large area. Berries very attractive to birds. Mature Height 50cm x Width 1m
  • 20x Hebe Townsonii - An erect, evergreen smaller growing shrub.  The leaves are light green, narrow and spear-shaped. The flowers are pale lilac, fading to white, summer. A hardy hebe abl to withstand most conditions.  Mature Height 80cm x Width 80cm.

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