XL - Instant Farm Shelter x 500 - Premium XL

Premium XL 1.1m - 1.6m tall

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Listing is for 500x Premium XL grade NZ Native trees and shrubs suitable for an instant native garden.   

The pack is made as follows:

50x Hoheria populnea - Lacebark or Houhere - A medium sized tree with dark green serrated leaves. Mature Height 7m x Width 3m.

50x Corokia Macrocarpa - Chatham Island Corokia - A very tough Corokia from Chatham Islands. Larger green leaves with silvery undersides. Mature height 3m

50x Olearia Dartonii - Twiggy Tree Daisy is an interesting and unusual shrub that is perfectly suited for planting in any challenging climate. Olearias, or 'Tree Daisies' as they are known, are generally suited to windy, coastal, drought prone and alpine locations. Mature Height 3 - 8m

50x Aristotelia Serrata - Wineberry - Mako Mako - Attractive red tinted semi-deciduous foliage and pink flowers (spring). Very fast growing tree that makes an excellent establishment plant. Withstands most conditions including wind and cold. Mature height 8m.

50x Hoheria Angustifolia - Narrow leaved lacebark - A very popular and fast growing native tree with serrated dark green leaves. Forms a slender upright tree. Very attractive shelter or feature. Very hardy, fast growing and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Produces masses of white flowers. Mature Height 8m.

50x Dodonea Viscosa - Green Ake Ake, a close cousin to the Purple Ake Ake, is remarkable for its vivid bright green colouring and ability to handle tough conditions. Mature Height 5m

50x Olearia solandri - A nice shrub with small green-yellow leaves. It is good for fast-growing shelter and hedging in dry situations or exposed windy sites. Produces masses of small white flowers in late summer which have a vanilla scent. Very hardy. Mature Height 3m x Width 2m

50x Olearia Traversii - Chatham Island Ake Ake is a very tough and hardy shrubby tree.  Being part of the Olearia family Chatham Island Ake Ake is especially suited for a range of tough conditions such as coastal plantings, alpine situations and anywhere that experiences drought and strong wind.  Mature height 5-7m  

50x Olearia Paniculata - Golden Ake Ake - Beautiful variation on popular Olearia paniculata with larger leaves. Bushy native shrub with beautiful lime green crinkled foliage. Tolerant of very dry conditions, and interesting colour make this an essential for dry gardens or establishing shelter. Excellent to form into hedging. Coverings of daisy like flowers. Mature Height 3m x Width 1.5m (but clip at any height).

50x Coprosma Robusta - Karamu - A hardy and fast growing shrub. Has large deep green oblong leaves and produces orange berries which are very attractive to native birds. Excellent for establishment and revegetation projects, especially hardy and fast growing in coastal and tough situations.  Very attractive to birds, great for feeding native birds, and excellent for chicken to graze on.   Mature Height 3m x Width 1.5m

Some substitutions are ok (might vary price slightly). 

Note for Rural (RD):   This combo is large enough to be sent via freight directly to most farms.   Freight orders take slightly longer than our usual courier service.   Allow up to 10 days for delivery.

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