XL - 60x Tough Tree & Shrub Combo - Premium XL

6 varieties - Instant Grade

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Listing is for 60x Premium XL grade NZ Natives suitable for a tough and hardy native garden in most conditions.

The pack is made as follows:

10x Hoheria Populnea - Lacebark or Houhere - A medium sized tree with dark green serrated leaves. This is a very fast growing and tough tree that copes with most situation. Produces masses of white flowers in Summer. Mature Height 7m x Width 3m.

10x Olearia Akiraho - Golden Ake Ake - Olearia Paniculata "Akiraho" - Bushy native shrub with beautiful lime green crinkled foliage. Tolerant of very dry conditions, and interesting colour make this an essential for dry gardens or establishing shelter. Excellent to form into hedging. Coverings of daisy like flowers. Mature Height 3m x Width 1.5m

10x Sophora Tetraptera - Kowhai - A popular medium growing stunning feature tree. It is famous for its coverings of bright yellow flowers in summer that are attractive to birds. Mature Height 5-7m

10x Olearia Solandri - Tree Daisy - A nice shrub with small green-yellow leaves. It is good for fast-growing shelter and hedging in dry situations or exposed windy sites. Produces masses of small white flowers in late summer which have a vanilla scent. Very hardy. Mature Height 3m x Width 2m

10x Lophomyrtus obcordata - Small shrub with a quite different look due to very small fine bronze-red leaves. Bark is mottled and smooth, with patches of grey, cream and greenish-cream. Flowers are white with numerous showy white stamens. Fruit ripens to bright or dark red, sometimes black. Evergreen. Very hardy. A beautiful hedge or screen. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 1m.

10x Corokia Buddleoides - This is an interesting Corokia with long and slender green leaves which are silvery grey underneath. It produces masses of yellow flowers followed by berries.   Corokia buddleioides is the only Corokia for the semi-shade. Mature Height 2m, but clip at any height for hedge.

Some substitutions are ok (might vary price slightly). 


Shipping for XL grade plants:

Ships up to 9 per carton - please see Shipping Info

Urban Shipping:
Any quantity of this item is no problem to ship to any urban address in New Zealand via courier.

Rural Shipping (Bulk 100+):   Orders of 100+ of any XL grade plants can be shipped to any rural address via rural freight.

Rural Shipping (less than 100): Orders of less than 100 XL grade plants will be left at your nearest rural drop point, or shipped to your nearest Fastway depot.   We recommend organising shipment to an urban address such as friend or workplace etc. 


Note: "Save Price" is amount saved by purchasing as a combo rather than purchasing individually.

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