XL - Tough Tree & Shrub Combo x100 - Premium XL

10 varieties - Instant Grade

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Listing is for 100x Premium XL grade NZ Natives suitable for a tough and hardy native garden in most conditions.

The pack is made as follows:

10x Golden Ake Ake - Olearia Paniculata - Bushy native shrub with beautiful lime green crinkled foliage. Tolerant of very dry conditions. Mature Height 3m x Width 1.5m

10x Five Finger - Pseudopanax Arboreus - Bushy shrub with lush dark green five fingered foliage. Attractive to birds, fast growing.  Mature 3m x 3m

10x Twiggy Tree Daisy - Olearia Dartonii - Interesting and unusual shrub with needle like silver green leaves and masses of daisy flowers in summer. Mature height 3-5 m

10x Red Stemmed Coprosma - Coprosma Rubra - Divaricating twiggy shrub, with reddish brown stems and small leaves.  Mature Height 3m x Width 1m.

10x Lancewood - Pseudopanax Crassifolium - Long thin lance shaped leaves droop from a single trunk.   Mature height 3-4m.

10x Mountain Flax - Phormium Cookianum (Purple Form) - Medium growing flax with drooping habit and lush purple foliage. Large dramatic flower heads add interest and attract birds.  Height 1.2m x width 1.5 m

10x Cordyline Purple Tower - Super Premium Cabbage Tree - Stunning Cabbage Tree with striking dark purple form.  Mature Height 2-2.5m

10x Narrow leaved lacebark - Hoheria angustifolia - A medium sized tree with dark green serrated leaves. This is a very fast growing and tough tree that copes with most situation. Mature Height 7m x Width 3m.

10x Wineberry - Aristotelia serrata - Attractive red tinted semi-deciduous foliage and pink flowers (spring). Very fast growing tree that makes an excellent establishment plant. Mature height 8m.

10x Ribbonwood - Plagianthus regius - A tall growing column tree with strong upward growth. It has a light airey appearance and forms strong vertical structure.  Mature Height 10m

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