Flax Fancy Combo x 100 - Premium XL

10 Varieties of flax & similar

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This listing is for 100x NZ Natives in 14cm Pots. Flax & Similar plants with sword shaped leaves, stunning when planted en mass, for brilliant visual effect. Ideal dry, cold, coastal conditions or something special around the farm.

  • 10x Phormium Cookianum Green - Mountain Flax - A beautiful medium growing flax with drooping habit and lush green foliage. Height 1.2m x width 1.5 m
  • 10x Phormium Pink Panther - This flax has a slightly arching form and is a medium grower. Leaves have candy pink centers with darker reddish bronze margins. Mature Height 80cm x Width 80cm.
  • 10x Phormium Black Rage - An excellent selection of flax with a bold upright habit and purple-black foliage interspersed with dark purple green leaves giving the clump interesting texture. It keeps it's colour well as the plant matures and colour intensifies in winter. It prefers a dry exposed situation. Mature 80cm x 80cm.
  • 10x Astelia Fragrans - Perching or Bush Lily - An elegant open weeping flax like plant with large sword shaped dark green leaves overlaid with a silvery sheen and reddish midribs. Height 1m x Width 1.5m
  • 10x Phormium Golden Ray - One of the most stunning of the golden flaxes with strong upright form and vibrant gold colouring. Fast growing and tolerant of a range of conditions. Mature 1.2m x 1m.
  • 10x Phormium Rainbow Queen - This flax has Long broad leaves with purple centers and a small pink trim along the edge. Height 1.2m x 1m'
  • 10x Libertia Ixoides - NZ Iris - An Interesting clumping plant with flax like bright colourful foliage. It bears many white flowers and bright yellow seed pods. Mature Height 40cm x Width 80cm 
  • 10x Phormium Evening Glow - One of the most stunning of the red flaxes with arching leaves that are bronze-maroon with bright red and pink stripes. Slightly weeping form. Fast growing and tolerant of a range of conditions. Mature 1m x 1m
  • 10x Phormium Jester - A brightly colourful medium growing flax with arching rich-pink leaves margined with a stunning lime green band. Mass plant for eye catching colour and architectural form. Mature Height 75 cm
  • 10x Phormium Tricolour


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