NZ Tussock Combo x25 - large grade

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Listing is for 25x Mixed NZ Grasses & Tussocks in 9cm Pots.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 9x Anemanthle Lessoniana - Wind Grass - Graceful large but light clump of green foliage with a rose hue.  Magnificent tall arching flower stems.  Hardy, Tolerates range of conditions including exposed sites.  Mature 1m x 1m.
  • 8x Chionochloa Rigida - Tawny-green tussock with narrow leaves and graceful flowers in mid Summer. Great landscape feature when mass-planted. Hardy and tolerant of cold, dry and hot alpine conditions. Mature Height 1m x Width 1m.
  • 8x Carex Testacea - Golden tussock - A densely tufted grass with striking bronze to orange colouring, fine narrow arching leaves and smaller growing dense form. The colour and the form of this grass is just amazing, highly recommended. It can withstand dry conditions, colours look best in full sun. Mature - h50cm x w50cm

The tussocks in this pack are normally only sold as premium variety ($8 - $10 each) - they are being cleared as seconds quality as they are not best quality.  they are not as thick as usual, have burnt tips and are mishapen.  They are still healthy plants and will come away great once planted. 

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