Hebe Combo x 35 - seconds

Seconds - 70% discount

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This listing is for 25x large sized NZ Hebes in 7cm - 9cm Pots.   These are seconds quality, they are left over at the end of the batches, they are mainly good healthy plants, just bent and mishapen.   They range in quality and we will give you a good mix from oversized plants that have outgrown their pots, to smaller plants left over at end of batch. They will come away great once planted.   

The pack is made up of a great big mixture of what we've got left:

May contain: 

Hebe McKeanii; Hebe Albicans Recurva; Hebe pinguifolia glauca; Hebe Lewisii, Hebe Wiri Image, Hege Icing Sugar, Hebe Armstrongii.   

We grow only tough hebes suitable for most conditions, from compact low growing alpine hebes to larger showy flowering specimens.

Photos show some examples of quality of seconds for sale.

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