10x Libertia cranwelliae - $2.99 each

NZ Iris

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Libertia cranwelliae - NZ Iris - Mikoiko - This small NZ Iris has bold coloured golden yellow strap-like leaves.  It produces masses of white flowers in spring on short spikes. Attractive orange pods remain on the plant for months. It spreads by underground rhizomes so is great for filling a defined space such as an edged garden, along a path or driveway or border close to house.  Evergreen. Hardy withstanding most conditions.     Mature Width 1m x Height 50cm (spreading).


These are our large size in 9cm pots.   These are massive seconds that have outgrown their pots, slightly mishapen and variable size but a bargain way to fill a space with this awesome plant.

See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.





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