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Myrsine Divaricata - Weeping Mapou - An attractive, tough and interesting small bushy tree.   It has a strongly divaricating habit with interlaced branched.    Small, green, leathery leaves may be notched at the tip. Tiny flowers occur in clusters, with pale yellow or red petals.    Evergreen.   Hardy and able to withstand alpine, coastal, dry, cold and windy situations.   Mature height 3m x with 2m.

aka Weeping Matipo

These are our large size in 9cm square pots.

BIG! We grow very big plants for the pot size.  This is fine as natives don't mind this and will bolt away fast once planted. Ensure plenty of water when planted.  A great opportunity to grab super big, healthy chunky plants at a tiny price and very reasonable shipping. 

See pictures of example plants for sale and the patch of plants to get an idea of actual size.





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