10x Ngaio - $1.99 each

Myoporum Laetum

  • 1990

Myoporum Laetum - Ngaio is attractive spreading tree bearing glossy yellow-green to dark green heavily spotted oval leaves usually occurring not far from coast.   New growth very glossy, dark and sticky.  This tree has a very lush vibrant suptropical look.   Produces beautiful flowers, white with purple spots, at base of leaves.    Produces pink fruit that the birds love.      As the tree ages the trunk becomes gnarly and interesting, over time becoming a tree with fine charachter.   Mature height 7m x width 4m.


Note: this is one of the few natives that is poisonous to stock. 

These are our standard size in 7cm square pots.  They are seconds left over at the end of the batch, variable in size and  quite mishapen, but good healthy plants at a bargain price.    






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