Olearia Lineata Dartonii

Twiggy Tree Daisy

  • 2000

Olearia lineata dartonii - Twiggy Tree Daisy is an interesting and unusual shrub that is perfectly suited for planting in any challenging climate.  Olearias, or 'Tree Daisies' as they are known, are generally suited to windy, coastal, drought prone and alpine locations.  This ability to withstand a truly adverse range of conditions make them a wonderful group of trees and shrubs to plant in tough condiitons.

Olearia dartonii has unusual narrow needle-like foliage, with an interesting silvery-green colour. The stems of the new growth  also have a silvery colour, and the branches are somewhat spreading and pendulous from the stout trunk.  Overall these characteristics make an interesting and noteworthy tree.  

Olearia dartonii prefers well drained soil, and is tough enough in dry conditions to withstand even the longest drought.  Olearia dartonii is also at home in damp or water logged soil, making this a truly versatile shrub.  It is also very cold tolerant and able to take very cold frosts.    Because of this wide tolerance of conditions Olearia dartonii thrives in situations from coastal to alpine. 

Olearia dartonii flowers throughout summer with creamy- white, small daisy flowers.  The tree produces an abundance of flowers which have a subtle vanilla scent.

Olearia dartonii is large growing in nature and forms a shrubby tree up to 8m tall.  In cultivation it can easily be kept at a much smaller size with an occasional trim and will look great in the garden at a size of 2-3 metres.  Because of the narrow foliage and wispy branches Oleara dartonii is ideally suited for clipping, hedging or shaping.   It responds well to clipping and can be given a good hard prune at any time to keep it looking nice and compact.

  • Clip at 80cm - 1.5m for hedge
  • Lightly trim for screen or shelter 2-3m 
  • Leave untrimmed for shrub 3-8m tall
  • Withstands most conditions
  • Drought hardy
  • Tolerates wind and coastal exposure 
  • Frost hardy
  • Evergreen

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