Phormium Pink Panther x 10

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These are nice healthy flaxes but they have poor quality colour for variety evening glow, therefore they are being sold as seconds.   They are more pink than red, and some are reverting to their natural green/bronze colour.   It still looks like they are going to be beautiful flaxes, but may be more suited for shelter/background/fill plantings than a feature plant.

They are derived from, and will still exhibit some features of Phormium Pink Panther - This flax has a slightly arching form and is a medium grower. Leaves have candy pink centers with darker reddish bronze margins. Plant in full sun to light shade. Can tolerate fairly dry conditions (coastal) but looks best with occasional to regular irrigation. Hardy. Mature Height 80cm x Width 80cm.


See pictures of example plants for sale and the patch of plants to get an idea of actual size.





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