XL - Tough Tree & Shrub Combo x100 - Premium XL

10 varieties - Instant Grade

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Listing is for 100x Premium XL grade NZ Natives suitable for a tough and hardy native garden in most conditions.

The pack is made as follows:

10x Hoheria Populnea - Lacebark or Houhere - A medium sized tree with dark green serrated leaves. Fast growing and tough.   Mature Height 7m x Width 3m.

10x Olearia Paniculata - Golden Ake Ake - Bushy native shrub with beautiful lime green crinkled foliage. Tolerant of very dry conditions. Mature Height 3m x Width 1.5m

10x Olearia Solandri - Tree Daisy - A nice shrub with small green-yellow leaves. Good for dry situations or exposed windy sites.  Produces masses of small white flowers in late summer which have a vanilla scent.   Mature Height 3m x Width 2m

10x Pseudopanax Arboreus - Five Finger - Bushy shrub with lush dark green five fingered foliage. Attractive to birds, fast growing.  Mature 3m x 3m

10x Olearia Dartonii - Twiggy Tree Daisy - Interesting and unusual shrub with needle like silver green leaves and masses of daisy flowers in summer. Mature height 3-5 m

10x Coprosma Rubra - Red Stemmed Coprosma - Divaricating twiggy shrub, with reddish brown stems and small leaves.  Mature Height 3m x Width 1m.

10x Pseudopanax Crassifolium - Lancewood - Long thin lance shaped leaves droop from a single trunk.   Mature height 3-4m.

10x Corokia Budleioides - Interesting shrub with long and slender green leaves which are silvery grey underneath. It produces masses of yellow flowers followed by berries. Mature Height 2m.

10x Phormium Cookianum (Purple Form) - Mountain Flax - Medium growing flax with drooping habit and lush purple foliage. Large dramatic flower heads add interest and attract birds.  Height 1.2m x width 1.5 m

10x Cordyline Purple Tower - Super Premium Cabbage Tree - Stunning Cabbage Tree with striking dark purple form.  Mature Height 2-2.5m 

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50x Corokia Combo - Free 

Corokia are a wonderful and varied group of shrubs, with interesting colour and distinctive form. They are also very useful in landscaping as they are very tough withstanding dry, cold and windy conditions.

10x Corokia Yellow Wonder - 10x Corokia Frosted Chocolate - 10x Corokia Renegade - 10x Corokia Bronze Knight - 10x Corokia Red Wonder 

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5 varieties - standard grade

Value $300


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