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10x very low growing NZ natives in large size 9cm pots suitable for planting in most conditions.   These low growing natives are perfect for easy care gardens, they require very little attention and care.  They will stay small so are great for smaller urban spaces, or buy bulk and plant en-masse for larger areas where stunning mass plantings are required without blocking the view.

This pack is made up as follows:

  • 2x Chatham Island Forget Me Not - Myosotidium hortensia - An appealing perennial native, low growing soft plant with large vivid green leaves and purple-blue flowers in the spring.  It tends to do better in a shady situation. The leaves grow on thick green stalks that have an almost rhubarb like appearance. Mature Height  80cm x Width 80cm.

  • 2x Coprosma Red Rock  - This divaricating native plant with small needle-like orange-red foliage, is found naturally near coastlines throughout N.Z. The colour intensifies with colder temperatures. An excellent groundcover plant for hot, dry conditioins, on banks or as underplanting. Mature Height 60cm x Width 1.5m

  • 2x Hebe Topiaria - Compact ball shaped shrub that remains very tidy without pruning. Very bushy with small glaucous leaves and white flowers in early summer. Great hedging.  Height 80cm x width 80cm
  • 2x Euphorbia Glauca - An interesting and different coastal plant with a wide creeping habit. Colour varies from pastel green to vivid blue-grey foliage. The species is now in serious decline due to coastal development and weed competition. Mature Height 40cm x Width 1.5m
  • 2x Acyphylla Diefenbachii - ery handsome NZ native, endemic to the Chatham Islands. Has fine fern like foliage bearing masses of yellow flowers late summer. Best grown in full sun to semi-shade and requires good drainage. Rarely seen in cultivation. Hardy. Evergreen. Mature height 50 cm x width 70cm.




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These are our large size in 9cm square pots/supertubes.

BIG! We grow very big plants for the pot size.  This is fine as natives don't mind this and will bolt away fast once planted. Ensure plenty of water when planted.  A great opportunity to grab super big, healthy chunky plants at a tiny price and very reasonable shipping. 

See pictures of example plants for sale next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.


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