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10x native trees and shrubs in large size 9cm pots/supertubes.,  Chosen for compact and smaller growith these trees & shrubs are perfect for attracting, feeding and sheltering native birds in the urban or smaller garden.  Also great to revitalise and enhance any area or plant as a tough and colour mixed native screen or shrubbery.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 2x Broadleaf - Griselinia Littoralis - Large growing and extremely hardy dense shelter. Lush dark green foliage and large leaves make this a very desirable shelter or hedge native. Will tolerate extreme conditions. Low Maintenance. Mature Height 3-5m (But clip at any height).
  • 2x Kowhai - Sophora Microphylla - Kowhai - Kowhai is a popular small growing tree with a somewhat tangled growth in its juvenille stage, before growing into a stunning feature tree. It is famous for its coverings of bright yellow flowers in summer that are attractive to birds. Mature Height 5-7m.
  • 2x Corokia Renegade - Premium Corokia variety with very fine branches and fine small foliage. Very interesting dark colouring ranging from silver to dark purple. The dense fine foliage and compact form makes it excellent as hedge or shaped shrubbery. Very tough so excellent in coastal, dry or frosty areas. Hard conditions will enhance colour. Yellow starry flowers in summer and abundant red berries in autumn. Compact and slender. Mature Height 1.5m x Width 50cm.
  • 2x Weeping Mapou - An attractive, tough and interesting small bushy tree.   It has a strongly divaricating habit with interlaced branched.    Small, green, leathery leaves may be notched at the tip. Tiny flowers occur in clusters, with pale yellow or red petals.    Evergreen.   Hardy and able to withstand alpine, coastal, dry, cold and windy situations.   Mature height 3m x with 2m.
  • 2x Cabbage Tree - Cordyline Australis - A 'must have' NZ Tree with very distincitive strap like leaves, upright in the centre and drooping on the outside, formed into unusual heads on crooked branches. Very hardy native tree suitable for most conditions. Tolerant of wind, full sun and drought, wet/swampy conditions, frost once established. Excellent shelter in windswept, coastal or alpine areas (mix with flaxes). Mature Height 3-5m




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These are our large size in 9cm square pots/supertubes.

BIG! We grow very big plants for the pot size.  This is fine as natives don't mind this and will bolt away fast once planted. Ensure plenty of water when planted.  A great opportunity to grab super big, healthy chunky plants at a tiny price and very reasonable shipping. 

See pictures of example plants for sale next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.


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