Cortaderia Richardii - South Island Toe Toe

Cortaderia Richardii - South Island Toe Toe is a beautiful smaller NZ Native Toe Toe that is a familiar site from coasts to mountains. This is one of the smaller toe toe's and has all the prettiness of the elegant toe toe flower plumes without the huge invasive base that many toe toes get.  The grass like clump at the base of the plant grows to approximately 1m x 1m and the majestic flower stems reach above this to about 2m tall.

Cortaderia richardii - south island toe toe

South Island toe toe is very fast growing and hardy.  It will grow in almost any conditions, from dry land to swamp, from mountains to coast.  It is a great way to get low shelter established quickly, with plants reaching a decent size within two years of planting.  

Cortaderia richardii - south island toe toe - austroderia richardiiSouth Island Toe Toe looks great amongst rocks in the modern landscape or larger garden.  The softness of the flowers are a great way of softening the stark lines of modern or industrial architecture.  

Cortaderia richardii south island toe toe

Toe Toe's naturally grow along water margins, and lend themselves to planting along streams, ponds or coast.  They naturally occur in a large clumps, so are well suited to group plantings and look great planted in mass.

Cortaderia richardii - South Island toe toe - Austroderia richardiiSouth Island Toe Toe has unjustly gained a bad reputation, because it gets confused with imported Toi Toi, or Pampas Grass.  Pampas is very invasive, grows huge, and forms large unpleasant clumps of dead material at the base.  Native South Island Toe Toe does not do any of these things and should not be disregarded as a worthwhile addition to the native garden for these reasons. 

Cortaderia richardii - south island toe toe

  • New Zealand native
  • Mature size of base 1m x 1m
  • Flowers 2m - Summer-Autumn
  • Shade - Full sun - Very versatile
  • Wet or dry conditions.
  • Drought hardy
  • Tolerates wind and coastal exposure
  • Tolerates extreme cold

aka Austroderia richardii 


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