Griselinea - Broadleaf - Kapuka

Griselinea Littoralis - Broadleaf is a beautiful native classic.  It is hardy and tough, and is one of the few green leafy natives that does well on the coast and equally well in alpine or inland situations.    

Griselinea littoralis - Broadleaf


Broadleaf has thick, vibrant yellow-gold stems and dark green large leaves.  The leaves are quite leathery and tough and will withstand a fair amount of wind whilst still looking good.  The shrub itself grows large and round, and if left untended will grow quite large.  It is very easy to keep small and compact with an occasional trim. 

Griselinea littoralis broadleaf

With regularly clipping Broadeaf makes a wonderful hedge.  It is a very low maintenance hedge, and the dark green colouring gives it a very classic and traditional look.  Broadleaf is a great way to add a 'native twist' to a traditional English garden, or a very attractive way to add structure to a modern garden.  A Broadleaf hedge will stay looking good with just one trim per year.


Griselinea littoralis - broadleaf

Broadleaf produces masses of small black berries that are a favourite of native birds.   Having broadleaf in the garden is a great way to start attracting native bird life back to the garden.   

Griselinea littoralis - broadleaf

Broadleaf is very tough making it ideal for most situations.  It is regularly seen growing right down to the coast and is one of just a few options for that leafy green look.  Broadleaf is not bothered by salt winds, and it does not mind dry or damp conditions. It will also handle drought and cold frosty conditions. Broadleaf is perhaps one of the most versatile natives that will grow in almost any situation, from coast to alpine, and do well in such a diverse range of conditions.

Griselinea littoralis - broadleaf

  • New Zealand native
  • Evergreen
  • Hedge 80cm - 3m
  • Lightly trim for shelter or screen 2m - 3m 
  • Leave untrimmed for shrub 5m
  • Tolerates full sun - full shade
  • Drought hardy
  • Tolerant of most soil types (Rich - Poor - Clay)
  • Tolerates wind and coastal exposure 
  • Frost hardy
  • Evergreen

aka Kapuka


Griselinea littoralis - broadleaf

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