Wineberry Hybrids

Native Wineberry in New Zealand comes in two distinct and different forms.  There is the Forest Wineberry - Aristotelia serrata which is a medium to large forest and lowland tree and there is the Mountain Wineberry - Aristotelia fruticosa a divaricating tangled medium growing shrub.  Although they are both very different from each other, they are both very attractive and produce masses of berries that are very attractive to native birds.

winberry x aristotelia fruticosa serrata

The two forms of Wineberry naturally cross pollinate and have formed natural hybrids in nature.  These hybrids are known as Aristotelia x fruserrata, which is a species in it's own right.   This has been bred in a breeding program in Central Otago with selections made for attractive form, desirable characteristics and hardiness.   The result is a range of Wineberry X cultivars that are tough and resilient, are very attractive with a range of colours and forms and are excellent for attracting birds.  aristotelia serrata wineberry

The range includes very small compact shrubs, and medium growing taller or rounder shrubs.  They all shape beautifully with a little clipping, and are perfect for interesting hedges.

aristotelia serrata wineberry x flowers

Each Wineberry has it's own unique characteristics, such as attractive flowers, decorative berries, or interesting form.  Each is beautiful on it's own, or they can be planted together where they will complement each other beautifully.

aristotelia wineberry x serrata fruticosa

Wineberry X is tough enough to grow in Alpine to inland regions.  Strong frosts do not bother them.  They are good strong fast growing shrubs.  They will also be fine planted in more sheltered situations on the coast.

aristotelia wineberry x

Wineberry X hybrids are known as the "Pioneer Series" as each variety has been named after a Central Otago Pioneer.

aristotelia fruticosa serrate wineberry x

So for something a little different, check out Wineberry and Wineberry X.  The birds will love you for it.

aristotelia serrata wineberry x flowers

  • New Zealand native
  • Hedge 50cm - 2m
  • Lightly trim for shelter or screen 1.5m - 2m 
  • Leave untrimmed for shrub 1-3m 
  • Ornamental berries Pink - Purple
  • Flowers - spring-summer
  • Unfussy about conditions
  • Very attractive to birds
  • Frost hardy
  • All are Evergreen, with the exception of Forest Wineberry (Aristotelia serrata) that is deciduous in colder climates only.



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