How we pack and send plants

Most people think it is very difficult to ship plants, and they worry their plants will arrive damaged.  This is not the case, and because of the way we do things your plants are almost certainly going to arrive in good order.

So, here's a wee bit about how we do things..

We have specialised in internet sales for over 10 years, which means we have become very specialised at packing and sending plants.  

We pack the plants into special boxes with very clear markings indicating they are live plants.   The courier knows exactly what they are handling, so can be more aware of handling plants carefully.

packing plants greenmachine

Plants will hold in transit longer than most people think.  The main risk is with plants drying out.   There are quite a few factors that influence this and really minimise the risk of any harm coming to the plants in this way.  The main risk is if they are in a hot courier van, baking in the sun.  The time spent in the van is actually the smallest part of the journey.  Most of the transit time for the plants is spent in big long haul trucks or large depots.  These are usually quite cool and shady and the plants will last a long time in these situations without drying out.  The boxes are tightly packed, also to avoid drying out.

greenmachine packing and sending plants

We use couriers to send the plants, and we have chosen courier companies with good track records for delivering plants undamaged.  A lot of our customers are rural, and we certainly want rural deliveries to arrive in perfect condition aswell.  In the case of rural delivery plants get passed on to your rural postie.  This can cause an additional 1-2 days delay, but we find this really is not a problem for the plants.


Generally orders do run on time, and of the hundreds of plant packages we send every week we find it is very rare that anything goes wrong.  But, as with any service things can occasionally go wrong. 

It is very rare that an order will get lost altogether.  the most common problem is that a box might go to the wrong depot overnight.  This is usually picked up on arrival, scanned with an error message and redirected to the appropriate branch.  This would usually cause an additional day delay and in most cases is not a problem.


We offer a full replacement guarantee, if your plants do not arrive in perfect condition we will replace them.   We will also pay the shipping charge to get the plants back to us.  So if your plants arrived damaged, please just let us know ASAP.  We will arrange for replacement plants to be sent, plus we will give you a return courier tickets so you can return the damaged plants.
greenmachine guarantee