10x NZ Grand Iris - $1.99 each

Libertia grandiflora

  • 1990
  • Save $4000

Libertia Grandiflora - Tukauki or Mikoikoi) is a flowering plant in the native 'NZ Iris' family.  Very distinctive yellow/gold colouring common to all NZ Libertias.   It is a large growing clump-forming herbaceous perennial with broad,leathery leaves and large white flowers in spring, followed by ornamental seed capsules.  Sunny location, dry conditions, and frosts all enhance colour.   Mature Height 90cm x Width 60cm.

These are our standard size in 7cm square pots.   They are seconds left over at end of batch, variable in size and  mishapen, but good healthy plants at a bargain price considering this is a premium variety. .


See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.





* Shipping charge applies (carton holds 50 plants this size) - see shipping info here

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