Grasses & Tussocks

New Zealand grasses and tussocks are an iconic part of our landscape, and they are a very versatile, useful and no fuss way to sort out large scale plantings such as farm driveways, bunds, commercial landscaping and mass plantings to complement modern architecture.

poa cita - silver tussock

There is a grass or tussock to suit every situation.  Whether you are looking for large or small, green or bronze, wet or dry tolerant, because NZ grasses and tussocks grow everywhere there will definitely be something for you.

Some particular varieties have risen to superstar status in the landscaping world.  Although these incredibly popular varieties are sought after for very good reasons, they can often be difficult to get, and thus quite expensive.  Often going for a less known variety can be just as satisfying and a lot kinder on the budget.  

The simplicity of mass planting grasses and tussocks is one of the reasons they are so popular.  Plantings look best when kept simple with just one or two varieties.  The appeal comes from the masses of the same plant, making it very easy to design your beautiful landscape.