25x Dwarf Toe Toe - $9.99 each

Chionochloa flavicans

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Chionochloa Flavicans - Dwarf Toi Toi - Very popular, easy care plant, with lush green foliage and stunning arching cream toe toe flowers stems.   This plant is actually an alpine snow tussock, however it looks very similar to a miniature version of the native toe toe.   Tough to alpine conditons making it a popular choice for mass planting in alpine situations.  Also suitable for coastal conditions and anything in between.   Stunning mass planted in modern gardens amoungst stone features and modern architecture.   One of the most popular contemporary natives.   Very hardy and happy in most situations although prefers a drier spot in full sun or semi shade. h60cm x w80cm ~ flowers 1mThese are our standard size in 7cm square pots.

See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.





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