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Listing is for 100x NZ Native plants suitable for planting in damp areas around water margins such as duck pond, river bank, wetlands or any damp marginal area.   

The pack is made as follows:

  • 10x NZ Flax - Phormium cookianum (XL Size) - A beautiful medium growing flax with drooping habit and lush green foliage. Large dramatic flower heads add interest and attract birds. Very tough and hardy and very suitable for riparian margins. Height 1.2m x width 1.5 m
  • 10x Mingi Mingi - Coprosma Propinqua (standard size) - Stiff bushy shrub, with very small leaves, and interesting divaricating interlacing dark branches. Produces masses of blue/white berries that are very attactive to birds. Very tough withstanding strong winds, cold conditions, coastal and alpine.  Height 2m x Width 80cm
  • 10x Cabbage Tree - Cordyline Australis (Supertube) - A 'must have' NZ Tree with very distincitive strap like leaves, upright in the centre and drooping on the outside, formed into unusual heads on crooked branches. Very hardy native tree suitable for most conditions. Mature Height 3-5m 
  • 10x Fragrant Ribbonwood - Plagianthus divaricatus - Swamp Ribbonwood - Spreading deciduous bushy shrub that grows superfast and is tough enough to grow anywhere in New Zealand. Dense and twiggy growth, with small dark green leaves.  Height 3m x Width 4m
  • 10x Lemonwood - Pittosporum eugenoides (standard size) - Excellent larger growing shrub with large yellow green leaves. Fast growing and extremely adaptable to a wide range of soil and conditions, making it perfect for quickly establishing shelter. Very attractive to birds. Mature Height up to 5m, but clip at any height.
  • 25x NZ Rush - Juncus edgareie (standard size) - A common rush throughout New Zealand which thrive in damp or swampy situations. It is found in lowland to montane damp pasture,wet hollows, river and lake margins. It forms tight clumps with bright green stems and is the commonest native rush. It is useful for wet areas and revegetation of wetlands, around ponds and waterways. Mature height 1m x width 60cm.
  • 25x Green tussock - Carex Dissita (standard size) - Very attractive grass with wide ribbed bright green leaves. Arching habit and beautifully contrasting dark seed heads makes this a popular ornamental grass.   Mature Height 60cm.

 This pack is suitable for streams, river sides, duck ponds, wetlands and in fact around any waterway or wet marshy position. 


See pictures of example plants for sale next to the ruler to get an idea of actual size. 





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