25x Tough & Twisted Combo - $6.99 each

5 varieties

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This pack embraces New Zealand plants that are unconventional, different and very cool and showcases a look that is uniqely New Zealand while at the same is amoungst the toughest selection of plants you could possible plant.

A selection of the toughest natives around, chosen for their toughness and ability to withstand most conditons.   Not only is this selection tough as nails, it will also look amazing with the very strong textures, colours and forms that come from being such tough plants.   Contains several 'twisted' varieties of divaricating shrubs that are trending now in designer gardens.    These will look amazing at your place, and they will last the conditions.   

These plants are essentials for any alpine garden, not only for survival but to maintain the uniqueness of our alpine environment.   Also very suitable for coastal, cold, windy, poor soil and dry gardens.   Very suitable for modern landscapes.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 5x Needle leaved Mountain Coprosma - Coprosma rugosa - A tough colourful and interesting alpine shrub with very tangled orange-red new growth. Bears berries attractive to birds. Can be clipped into an interesting hedge or allowed to grow freely will become a medium sized shrub.    Mature Height 2m x Width 1.5m
  • 5x Golden Tree Daisy - Olearia Solandri - A nice shrub with small green-yellow leaves. It is good for fast-growing shelter and hedging in dry situations or exposed windy sites. Produces masses of small white flowers in late summer which have a vanilla scent. Very hardy. Mature Height 3m x Width 2m.
  • 5x Yellow Stemmed Coprosma - Coprosma virescens - Mingi Mingi - A very attractive tangled shrub, with divaricating form and insignificant leaves, the main feature is the beauty of the branches that have an overall coppery glow. Very tough, suitable as specimen, groups, or hedging with a difference.   Mature height 2-3m
  • 5x Mountain Holly - Olearia Macrodonta - a desirable compact native shrub with serrated holly like leaves.  Leaves are a light green colour contrasting beautifully with the rustic dark brown wood.   It produces masses of white daisy flowers in spring and summer with a vanilla scent.   Can be clipped for a hedge or shaped shrubbery or left to grow in to a small bush.   Mature width 1m x height 2m.
  • 5x Sand Coprosma - Coprosma acerosa - A bushy groundcover Coprosma.  It forms a tight tangled mound of brown foliage. An excellent hardy plant for dry, coastal or alpine conditions. Mature Height 30cm x Width 1.2

This pack is made up of standard size plants in 7cm square pots & bio pots.   See pictures of example plants for sale next to the ruler to get an idea of actual size.





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Very sutiable for Central Otago, Queenstown, Wanaka, Hawea, Roxburgh, Cromwell, Alexandra, Mackenzie Country, Twizel, Omarama, Tekapo, Arthurs Pass, Lewis Pass, Hanmer, Methven, Mid Canterbury, Geraldine, Mountains, Central Plateau, Rotorua, Ohakune


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