Ficinia spiralis


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Pīngao is a very interesting stout, grass-like plant, coastal sand dune plant.   It has an interesting spiralling growth form and striking golden-orange colouring.    It establishes throughout sand dunes through creeping rhizomes, working as a stabilising plant.

In the garden: This is an interesting and beautiful addition to a coastal garden or sandy, dry situation.   The semi rambling habit makes it particularly interesting for raised beds, rataining walls, rocks gardens and stone walls.  The colour is spectacular in the garden.

For revegation: A very valuable plant for coastal restoration and revegation projects.  It rambles over sand dunes and helps stabilise and protect from erosion.  Provides dense habitat for wildlife.   Highly recommended for coastal restoration plantings.   

Produces small, dark brown flowers in spring arranged spirally in tight clusters.

Mature height 60cm - 90cm

These are our standard size in 7cm square pots.

See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.


Ships up to 50 per carton - please see Shipping Info



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