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Primo varieties

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These are low growing, groundcover NZ Natives.  These smaller natives have been chosen specifically for urban gardens and mass planted landscapes.   They are compact, attractive, and tough.    Create the wow factor in your garden by mass planting.   These compact and low growing varieties are also low maintenance.  Perfect for rock gardens, gravel mulch, banks and hills.

The pack is made as follows:

  • 5x Libertia Grandiflora - Tukauki or Mikoikoi is a flowering plant in the native 'NZ Iris' family. It is a large growing clump-forming herbaceous perennial with broad,leathery leaves and large white flowers in spring, followed by ornamental seed capsules. Prefers a sunny, sheltered location. Mature Height 90cm x Width 60cm.
  • 5x Coprosma Red Rock - This divaricating native plant with small needle-like orange-red foliage, is found naturally near coastlines throughout N.Z. The colour intensifies with colder temperatures. An excellent groundcover plant for hot, dry conditioins, on banks or as underplanting. Mature Height 60cm x Width 1.5m 

  • 5x No mow lawn - Leptinella Squalida - A hardy vigourous ground cover with beautiful dark coloured fern like foliage and low creeping habit. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including dry, windy, shady postions. Interesting no-mow lawn alternative. Mature Height 5cm x Width 1m

  • 5x Coprosma Black Cloud - A very hardy ground covering shrub with colourful bronze/black foliage. Masses of blue berries making it very attractive to birds. Excellent for supressing weeds and tollerant of almost any conditions. Mature Height 50cm x Width 1m.

  • 5x Panakenake - Pratia angulata - A beautiful native groundcover really suited in damp shady conditions, but also grows in sunny positions.   Puts on a beautiful display with masses of white star shaped flowers in summer, followed by red berries in autumn that are attractive to birds. Dies back in winter in colder climates.   Rambles to cover a large area.  Perfect for scrambling over banks and edges.     Mature height 5cm x width 1m



    These are our standard size in 7cm pots.

See pictures of example plant next to ruler to get an idea of actual size.





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