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Apodasmia similis

  • 1990
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Apodasmia Similis - Oi Oi or jointed rush is an interesting and unusual reed that naturally grows in very wet or semi submerged situations in coastal wetlands, estuaries and lakes.  Although it naturally grows in very damp situations it will do equally as well in a very dry situation and will tolerate anything in between.  Oi Oi is not bothered by strong winds, and tough conditions and it is tough enough to thrive on the coast and can be planted inland and even in alpine situations. 

Oi Oi is a reed with fine grey-green leaves with brownish bracts at the joints, forming a large densely erect clump.  It produces flowers from late spring to summer adding interest and softening the plant.  

Oi Oi spreads slowly through underground rhizomes.  These are very slow growing so non-invasive. This makes Oi Oi a popular choice for filling a defined area such as a garden bordered by kerbing or edging.  

Oi Oi is becoming increasingly popular in modern landscapes due to its ability to withstand most conditions, it's suitability to mass planting and the contrast it provides to stark architecture and concrete paving.  It tends to be planted en masse adding dramatic effect and softening commercial and public landscapes.  It is just as suitable for the home garden, where it will look great in a mass planting or as single plants.

  • H 80cm x W 80cm
  • Full sun
  • Very wet - dry conditions.
  • Naturally found in salt water and fresh water habitats
  • Tolerates wind and coastal exposure
  • Very hardy

These are seconds left over at the of the batch, variable in size and a little mishapen, but good healthy plants at a bargain price.  

See pictures of example plants for sale and the patch of plants to get an idea of actual size.






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