10x Renga Renga Lilies - $1.99 each

Arthropodium Cirratum

  • 1990

Arthropodium Cirratum - NZ Renga Lily - A lovely herbacous native plant that forms large clumps of broad, soft, medium-green, arching foliage. Bears graceful, airy sprays of lovely white star-shaped flowers on tall stems from spring to mid-summer. Great for bees.   Spectacular mass planted, and useful for quickly and solidly filling a large area with lush foliage and flowers.   Tolerates coastal winds.   Fine with light frosts, and colder climates will die off in winter and come back in spring.    Mature height 50cm x width 50cm.


These are our standard size in 5-7cm square pots.   They are seconds left over at end of batch, variable in size and  mishapen, but good healthy plants at a bargain price considering this is a premium variety. .







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